NECA’s Resources on Coronavirus

NECA is committed to keeping our Members informed regarding COVID-19. The NECA Coronavirus Resource Center is continually being updated to include pertinent information from organizations including NECA, Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Safety Council, the Department of Homeland Security, and COVID-19 sites for over 80 federal agencies.

The resource center also contains information that NECA has been compiling on COVID-19 and how it will impact NECA contractors, employers and employees. NECA will continue to work with Congress and the Administration to mitigate the impact on NECA member companies.

Schneider Electric Recall

On June 16th,  Schneider Electric issued a voluntary recall affecting approx. 1.4 Million Load Centers manufactured between 12/19 and 3/22, due to thermal burn and fire hazard. This recall applies to almost 75 different load center model/product numbers. The official recall notice links are down below.

The recommendation for action from Schneider is as follows:

*   Products not installed – contact Schneider Electric for a replacement

*   Products installed – Immediately contact Schneider Electric to have the recalled product inspected and/or replaced at Schneider’s expense(Contact Schneider for the specific details). The notice also recommends insuring that the property with the load center(s) installed has properly working smoke detectors.

*   Phone: 1-888-778-2733; option 2, 1, 4 8am-8pm EST

*   Online CHAT<>

There have not been any injuries or property fires reported (as of the date of posting, June 21, 2022) as a result of the recalled load centers. So far the only incident is one report of a loose wire.

The WI Chapter IAEI is aware of the recall, so the area electrical inspectors are in the loop. This means there will be potential occupancy or final inspections that may be delayed as a result.


*   Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall Notice<>

*   SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Website Recall Information<>

Schneider Recall 22-159 Safety Notice-Inspection Instructions

Schneider Electric Letter to AHJ-Inspectors

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