Board & Committee Members

We’re proud of our rich history and tradition, but in today’s fast paced world successful organizations focus on the future. Milwaukee NECA members and the Association itself will continue to set the standard for the industry. The men and women listed below are the standard bearers. Through their hard work and effort, the Association and its members are able to meet and exceed industry goals.

Board of Directors & Officers

  • President – Bruce Nelson, Nelco Electric
  • Vice President – John Taylor, Terminal-Andrae
  • Secretary-Treasurer – David Scritsmier, Pieper Electric
  • Director – Mark Chappel, Staff Electric
  • Director – Gabe Rose, Roman Electric
  • Past President – Ken Phelps, MP Systems
  • Governor  – Eric Ehlers, Preferred Electrical Contractors
  • District 4 Vice President – Dave Washebek, Lemberg Electric


  • Executive Vice President – Robert D. Rayburn
  • Code Consultant/Safety Director – Kyle Krueger

Government Affairs Committee

  • Jim Prusinski, Pace Electric
  • Phil Rose, Roman Electric
  • Tim Scheid, Lemberg Electric
  • Ken Phelps, MP Systems
  • Terry Leasa, WJ Leasa Electric

Negotiating / Labor Management Committees

Sound and Communications Labor Agreement

  • Phillip Rose, Roman Electric Company – Chairman
  • David Washebek, Lemberg Electric
  • Mike Guetzke, Guetzke & Associates
  • Scott Hansen, Pieper Electric
  • Gregg Schwister, DNESCO Electric
  • John Taylor, Terminal Andrae

Milwaukee Inside Labor Agreement

  • Tim Scheid, Lemberg Electric – Chairman
  • Jake Reich, Gurtz Electric
  • John Taylor, Terminal-Andrae
  • David Scritsmier, Pieper Electric
  • Bruce Nelson, NELCO Electric
  • Gregg Schwister, DNESCO Electric

Kettle Moraine Labor Agreement

  • Marc Leasa, Leasa Electric
  • Dan Shea, Shea Electric & Communication
  • Dennis Altmeyer, Altmeyer Electric

Residential Labor Agreement

  • Andy Phelps, Pieper Electric
  • Mike Metzelfeld, DMC Electric
  • Anthony Schmidt, Roman Electric Co.
  • Mark Wolf, Nelco Electric

Motor Repair Labor Agreement

  • Jon Frietag, Dietz Electric Co.

Kurz Motor Repair Labor Agreement

  • Brian Nowak, Kurz Electric Solutions

Panel Manufacturing Labor Agreement

  • Mike Lane, Pieper Electric

Material Handler Labor Agreement

  • Mark Chappel, Lemberg Electric

Lemberg Sign Labor Agreement

  • David Washebek, Lemberg Electric

Joint Apprenticeship Committees

Milwaukee Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

  • Henry Hurt, Hurt Electric – Chairman
  • Phil Rose, Roman Electric Co.
  • Chris Martinez, Dairyland Electric
  • Dave Washebek, Lemberg Electric – Alternate
  • Mark Chappel, Staff Electric – Alternate
  • David Scritsmier, Pieper Electric – Alternate

Sound and Communications Subcommittee

  • Ernie Garza, Lemberg Electric – Chairman
  • Todd Green, Systems Technologies
  • Al Pintar, Roman Electric
  • Jeremy Ehrgott, Staff Electric

Residential Training Subcommittee

  • Anthony Schmidt, Roman Electric – Chairman
  • Robert Kannegiesser, Total Mechanical
  • Mark Bellows, Pieper Electric

Kettle Moraine Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

  • Mike Walgenbach, Ripon Electric – Chairman
  • Marc Leasa, WJ Leasa Electric
  • Scott Specht, Specht Electric


ECI Pension Plan Trustees

  • Mike Kelliher, Pieper Electric
  • Robert Rayburn, NECA
  • Terry Leasa, WJ Leasa Electric

ECI Annuity Plan Trustees

  • Jake Reich, Gurtz Electric
  • Frank Grotkiewicz, Bentley Electric
  • Robert Rayburn, NECA

ECI Prefunding Credit Reimbursement Program Trustees

  • Rick Roberts, Miller Electric
  • Gregg Schwister, Dnesco Electric
  • Robert Rayburn, NECA

ECI Vacation / Holiday Plan Trustees

  • Gregg Schwister, Dnesco Electric
  • Rick Roberts, Miller Electric
  • Robert Rayburn, NECA

Local Labor-Management Cooperation Committee Trustees

  • Gregg Schwister, Dnesco Electric
  • Rick Roberts, Miller Electric
  • Robert Rayburn, NECA

NECA-IBEW Welfare Trust Fund Plan Trustee

  • Beth Iding, ECI